Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bows, Bracelets, Binkie clips, Blankets - and MORE! for sell!

A good friend of mine out in Utah made lots of items for me to sell at my Dayton Days booth.  Quite unfortunately, her box of goodies took 8 days to arrive instead of the 2-3 day priority mail she paid for!  So the box ended up being late and I couldn't sell her things.  It was very sad.  So I would LOVE to still sell some of her things to anyone that is interested!  They are beautiful!  Here are some pictures and please e-mail me if you'd like to stop by (in Staunton or Bridgewater) to take a look.
1. Baby tag blankets....$20....these are made from a huge variety of ribbons and textures with colors that appeal to babies (black and white patterns especially!)

2. A huge variety of clips...with flowers and bows on them...ranging from $3-5

These clips (below) are 3 for $5.  The ribbon bow holders are also for sale ($5).

Lots of stretchy lace daughter and I have been loving these lately and they really do stay in place.  You can clip any bow or flower on a plain-colored headband.  Headbands are $2 and for newborn-2 years...

Beautiful bracelets!  $8-10

Small ribbon binkie clips- $5
Large Ribbon binkie clips - $7
Beaded binkie clip - $10

Again, leave a comment or e-mail me if you are interested in any of these items!  What GREAT stocking stuffers!