Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Block Magnet Picture Frame

Woo-hoo! My mom has the kids for a few hours and I am finally starting to finish some new projects. Here is another twist on using metal for a picture frame, like here. This is a block that can sit on its own, so I think that's great...easy to move around and place on shelves, countertops, mantles, dressers, etc. No hanging or nails required! And, of course, it's as easy as can be to switch out the pictures.
I'll soon be making more in other color options. Let me know if you have a suggestion for color and word theme! And I also hope to make coordinating marble magnets to sell with the frames. Also, watch soon for more with metal!
And thanks to Danica for our fabulous family pictures that will be adorning all these magnet frames! Here's her photography website.

More variations on My Favorite Things clipboard

Remember the little clipboards I've made before here and here? Well, here are two more variations. This one is in pink and of course there are so many darling ribbons that could go with that. I can't wait till my little girl can have a "girly" room all of her own and put one of these up for her! Everyday she cuts out and colors and makes multiple pictures, so she'll always have a lot to clip on it. (Remember, under all that ribbon are metal clips--pink clips in this case.)
And I thought this "boyish" one turned out equally cute! I recently bought lots of fabulous ribbon on a trip out to Utah. I found Hobby Lobby and I love it!! I really wish there was one here!
I had already wrapped these boards up in preparation for my upcoming craft show (Oct. 3 in Dayton), so sorry about the wrapping in the pictures! (But no time to unwrap and rewrap!)